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Chapel Hill, NC, may be the most famous city in Orange County, but nearby small towns like Carrboro and Hillsborough prove that it is a nationwide destination. Chapel Hill is one of my favorite cities in North Carolina, and I think you should definitely consider a trip to the area. While there are some poorly lit sections of the road on the way to and from Chapel Hill, the Carrborough area is a bit bike friendly.

The UNC campus and downtown are within walking distance, but to get there, you have to drive most of the way. This can be frustrating at times, especially with the fast-moving traffic in the city centre and the lack of sidewalk.

Therefore, you will find this page dedicated to the many things to do in Chapel Hill and its surroundings. Visit the impressive North Carolina Botanical Garden: Every second Saturday of the month they offer a free guided tour to garden lovers.

Since 2002, the Visitors Center has provided information and assistance to visitors to Orange County, NC, including Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough. The centre offers route suggestions and information about local attractions, events and activities. UNC is recognized nationally as a bike-friendly university on a silver standard, and the communities of Chapel Hill and Orange County are nationally recognized as bike-friendly communities.

Justbe is located near the campus and offers outdoor fun if you want to explore the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill or any other part of Orange County.

You can download a PDF version of the Carrboro, NC map so you can easily reach it when you are travelling over the Internet. By ordering the latest issue, you are making sure you have the latest travel map from the moon. For more information on the new travel plans for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Orange County, please click here.

Help us distribute bags of food to households that have children in Chapel Hill and Carrboro City schools. If you donate by mail, please send a check or money order to: Food Bank of North Carolina, 515 E. Main St., Chapel Hills, NC 28255.

If you are using public transportation, take Triangle Transit Route 100 to the Regional Transit Center, where you can change to Chapel Hill 800 - 805. Greyhound Megabus operates from the Durham bus depot and is within walking distance of Durham Station Transportation Center, where you can take Triangle Transit (400 - 405) to Chapel Hills. From there, you can drive to Chapel Hill and then to Carrboro City Airport. Durham Airport, the University of North Carolina, Durham International Airport and Durham Regional Airport are all within walking distance of your accommodation.

If you are interested in a hotel room in Chapel Hill, Chapel Hills, Durham or Durham, North Carolina, please visit the Carrboro City Hotel & Residences website for more information.

Chapel Hill, Carrboro and Hillsborough have everything a visitor wants: top restaurants, art galleries, museums, shopping, entertainment and much more. Be sure to visit the North Carolina Collection Gallery, which has temporary exhibitions on everything from the state's history and culture to the latest art and design topics. If you prefer destinations that constantly challenge the status quo, Chapel Hill and neighboring Carrborough, N.Y., deserve your consideration, and are filled with plenty of James Beard nominations. From the first public university building in the country to 1793, history is famous, murals are on every corner and you can get good food anywhere in the country with the help of food trucks, restaurants and other local shops.

After the war, the new state of North Carolina introduced a plan based on its constitution to create affordable schools and universities, and Hillsborough was used as part of that plan during the Revolutionary War. The city was founded in 1851 and supports the university, but also a number of other public schools, churches and other institutions. In 1789, the University of South Carolina was founded and the city of Chapel Hill founded to serve it; later, it was founded as the first public university in the United States, Chapel Hills College, in 1793.

Today, Carrboro is home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the affordable rent makes it the home of many UNC students. The grocery stores are Weaver Street Market and Harris-Teeter, serving downtown Carrborough. In addition to food, Harris Teeters offers a wide selection of clothing and accessories, as well as a range of other items. A much larger selection of shops can be found in the city centre, such as the Whole Foods Market, a grocery store and a grocery store.

The epicenter of NASCAR Motorspeedway is north of Charlotte, and there's plenty to do. South of Charlotte is Carrboro, home to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. You can rent at the Carrborough Performing Arts Center, as well as in the city center and on the outskirts.

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