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Chapel Hill, NC, may be the most famous city in Orange County, but nearby small towns like Carrboro and Hillsborough prove that it is a nationwide destination. Chapel Hill is one of my favorite cities in North Carolina, and I absolutely believe that it should be considered a major city in its own right. But it's not just Orange County, it's also the county's second-largest city with a population of more than 1.5 million.

Closer to downtown, the Carolina North Forest Trail is a pleasant walk through a managed research forest, and it is one of my favorite trails throughout the state.

If you're not familiar, you can visit the impressive North Carolina Botanical Garden to get a glimpse of the state's flora and fauna. t miss the Carolina Birds and their favorite Carolina Bird of Prey, and nearby outdoor fun awaits you if you want to explore the many bird species, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles. The trails at the North Virginia Botanic Garden are home to a variety of wildlife and a huge collection of carnivorous plants, so don't miss out!

At Weaver Street Market, you can sit outside on the sprawling lawn and enjoy a beer or two of locally grown organic produce, or view other local artwork at Carr Mill Mall.

Visit the famous Maple View Dairy, which also includes an agricultural training center, or visit the local farmers market. Organic and organic products from farmers in the region appear within a radius of 50 kilometres.

The Carrboro Farmers' Market is located at the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in the heart of the city and has more than 75 market visitors. Other diversions include the local farmers market, which is especially fun for families, or visiting during the season. Look for the Broadway shows: The Cat's Cradle team, located on Main Street, produces shows from across Carrboros and Chapel Hill.

Together, they explore the city and socialize with art and live music, with visitors visiting the venue every second Friday of the month. Visit the Ackland Museum in November to see the crafts or visit neighboring Chapel Hill and neighboring Orange County for the ArtWalk. We look forward to doing more fun things in Carrboro's North Carolina as we continue to explore the area. If you plan to visit Chapel Hill or Orange County, tickets are available on our website and visit or call toll free at 1-888-543-4357 for more information on planning an Art Walk or a guided tour of the museum.

Carrboro is often overlooked as a destination for food in the triangle, but it has some amazing competitors that are worth visiting. No matter where you are, a visit to Carrboro will make you happy because it is full of great food and great people.

The data shows there are three large restaurants in Carrboro, two in the Triangle and one in Raleigh. Two of the three restaurants offer a wide selection of craft beer, wine and good food, as well as a number of other great restaurants.

There is a large lawn where you can sit and grab food and sweets on Franklin Street, the street across from the campus, and certainly a famous old fountain where you can take photos. Start off on Churton Street and enjoy Hillsborough by picking up a bite to eat and visiting one of the local shops in the city. Eno's is an excellent restaurant with a wide selection of craft beers, wine and good food, as well as a lovely courtyard.

If you want to have a fun evening, Carrboro has a variety of bars to choose from when staying there. If you don't feel like hiking to Cary to enjoy some great Chinese food, Gourmet Kingdom offers some great options for those of you who don't feel like hiking from Cary to the top-notch Chinese food. It is within walking distance of my apartment and it is just a few blocks from the Center for Performing Arts and a great place.

This family-friendly venue offers a variety of family-friendly events such as concerts, dance evenings and family entertainment.

Chapel Hill, which Bon Appetit has called one of the "finest small towns in America," boasts award-winning restaurants, certified organic distilleries and a variety of craft breweries. TOPO Organic Spirits distills local ingredients into gin, vodka, moonlight and whisky. The tasty craft brews are created for every season and palate, with the emphasis on fresh, organic ingredients such as hops, barley, hops and yeast.

Durham and Chapel Hill jumped on the microbrew bandwagon years ago, and large breweries are popping up everywhere. Steel String Brewery was founded by three UNC alumni and has since become a craft brew and live music destination.

The large tasting room is a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy some local music while enjoying some of the best craft beers in North Carolina as well as great food. The Hampton Inn Downtown is very clean, modern and super practical, so you are ready for a comfortable place to crash. A more unique property is the Franklin Hotel, a Hilton of the Curio Collection, while there are several other hotels in the area, including Hilton Chapel Hill, Hilton Raleigh - Durham and Hilton Charlotte.

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More About Carrboro