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In this new series, we look at eight cities where live music explodes from legendary hubs to emerging hot spots. IBMA Bluegrass Live presented by Carolina Music Festivals, a partnership between IBma and the North Carolina State Music Commission. The Carolina Music Festival, the first of its kind in the United States, is one of the largest and most successful music festivals in North America.

This festival for concerted piano musicians presents four concerts in different locations, and its musicians perform in local schools throughout the city. There are a number of events where you can experience live music in the Triangle, from concerts to dance parties to concerts by local bands.

If you are interested in local NC sounds from all genres, this is the place to be. Visit the stunning North Carolina Botanical Garden for a day trip to one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the country. The hiking trails at the North Charlotte Botanical Garden include a vast collection of carnivorous plants. Other diversions include the Blue Ridge Parkway Trail, which is especially fun for families, and the Appalachian Trail.

It is green, spacious and encourages collaboration to create sounds that you won't find anywhere else. Bring a blanket and listen to dance music, whether it's in Chapel Hill or the latest to fall into the second category. College radio is not dead and you can listen comfortably in your own living room or on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Here are 10 of the best music venues to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds, and a visit to Carrboro will make you glad you did. If you want to get up this spring, check out legends like the Dreamville Festival with SZA and 21 Savage in 2019. re a fan of dance music or just looking for a good time, we go to our five favorite places.

Not far away, Cat's Cradle usually hosts more rock bands than ArtsCenter, but the famous venue hosts some emerging artists. A number of musicians have played here, and it is one of the most popular live music venues in Carrboro.

In fact, it has been an intimate venue for 750 people for over 40 years, and there are so many venues that you pay so much attention to its existence. Music has filled the city with a sense of pride, from the ties - dyed T-shirts to the old school rock'n "roll music.

Carrboro has become a destination for many things, including film, food and a stylish kind of freedom. Like any good college town, it is rightly pulsating, but music is what defines Carrboro, just as basketball defines Chapel Hill. It is a popular destination for UNC students and is defined by its proximity to the UNC campus and the University of North Carolina and the university itself.

Other mainstays of the local clubs are the Motorco Music Hall and Pinhook in Durham, which Sanborn described as the epicentre of his scene. At least one club is open most nights, and the schedule includes rising stars and old, still-active acts. The festival features about 70 beers and at least three nights of live music. Visit the famous Maple View Dairy, including the store and agricultural education center.

Owned by Cat Cradle, the space is home to emerging artists such as local favorites Chapel Hill Favorites and local legends such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Black Keys.

This is a comprehensive list, because music takes place in places where you might not be tomorrow, and in places where you didn't notice the night before. The venue works tirelessly to provide its community with a wide range of music, from local and national to international acts. "Performing live" may be a tasty sip, but it leaves visitors with a lot to tell.

If you want to see a show or a local is ready to see a new band, North Carolina has something for you. The famous Carrboro Music Festival takes place on the last weekend of September, and in February the nationally acclaimed Comedy Arts Festival comes to town. Visit the area for the Raleigh Hopscotch Music Festival, which features a wide range of local, national and international acts. If you plan to visit Chapel Hill or Orange County, visit or call toll-free at 1-888-743-5555.

Originally known as the Fete de la Musique, the festival attracts musicians and music lovers from all over the border triangle and further afield. This music festival began in 1998 as the "Fete du laMusique" and takes place at the summer solstice.

Organizers say they are trying to book artists originally scheduled for the canceled LEAF in May 2020 and for upcoming events, including the July 4 concert at the North Carolina Convention Center. Vivian Spiral (12) began her career as a hoop dancer in 2001 and when Sylvan Esso took the stage 250 spectators saw her in front of a sold out house. The group "Hey mami" has been playing at this festival since 2003 as part of the festival "Fete du la Musique de la Bordeaux."

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More About Carrboro